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The Quarterly is a quality publication that we are proud of, published February, May, August, and November.

It sponsors an annual "Writing Contest" for members to enter their stories about research, family lore, breaking brick walls or other genealogy-related themes.   Winning entries are published in the Quarterly.

An important component is the "Early Albuquerque Series" about families that settled here at the turn of the century and before, what the times were like in the "olden days" and descriptions of the town when it was small.

The Quarterly features articles and tips on research and much more.  Members are encouraged to share brief items of interest or websites they find in their research in the "I discovered. . . . Series".  All upcoming events are announced in the Quarterly.

A hard copy is available to members by mail, or they can choose the optional electronic version.

Computer Corner - On Line.

Computer Corner has long been a regular column in the Quarterly .  Of particular interest to computer users will be this new segment called   Computer Corner - On Line This special web page will provide the recent column content, plus live links related to computer genealogy.

Articles from the Quarterly newsletter will be shared with our online readers from time to time.

Using the DAR Lineage Books

The Calendar and Its Reforms

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