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Computer Corner on-line

Since its inception in the mid to late 1990s, Computer Corner has been a regular feature of the AGS Quarterly

Over the years, the column has provided tips and information for computer-using genealogists, descriptions of genealogical software, and useful web addresses and on-line resources.

A new concept now provides "links" to the newest and future Computer Corner On-Line articles in .PDF form.

Each link will present to you the named article which you then can read or print as you do any .PDF file.

Volume & Issue Date Name of Article Contributor
 Volume 35, Issue No. 4  February 2011  iPad for iGen  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 37, Issue No. 3  November 2012  Genealogy in the Cloud  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 37, Issue No. 4  February 2013  Ancestry.com  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 38, Issue No. 1  May 2013  DNA Revisited  John A. Farris, Guest
 Volume 38, Issue No. 2  August 2013  Publishing Locally  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 38, Issue No. 3  November 2013  Genealogy Gifts  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 38, Issue No. 4  February 2014  I've Been Hacked!  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 39, Issue No. 2  August 2014  Computer Tips  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 39, Issue No. 3  November 2014  Generating Genealogy Gifts  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 40, Issue No. 1  May 2015  Dropbox, Evernote & OneDrive  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 40, Issue No. 2  August 2015  Digital Research at Zimmerman  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 40, Issue No. 3  November 2015  My Computer is Slow  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 40, Issue No. 4  February 2016  My Life with Windows 10:  Stuart Murray, Guest
 Volume 41, Issue No. 1  May 2016  Making Windows 10 Yours  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 41, Issue No. 2  August 2016  Cloud Computing, Part 1  Dick Eastman, Guest
 Volume 41, Issue No. 3  November 2016  Cloud Computing, Part 2  Dick Eastman, Guest
 Volume 42, Issue No. 1  May 2017  Free Software  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 42, Issue No. 2  August 2017  Free Storage  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 42, Issue No. 3  November 2017  The Magic Button  Michael Blackledge
 Volume 43, Issue No. 4  February 2018  Indexing Your Family History   Michael Blackledge

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