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For membership in Hereditary, Lineage, and Patriotic Societies an applicant must prove lineal blood descent, generation to generation, back to the ancestor who meets the membership requirements.  Official vital records are required for the applicant and the first two generations (the parents and grandparents).  Primary records are preferred for all proofs, but reliable secondary records may also be used.  Application papers are reviewed by either professional genealogists employed by the society or members who are experts in their societies requirements.

There are several reasons for these organizations.  The Societies seek to increase patriotism and awareness of the particular historical event on which that particular Society is based, and to preserve documents and artifacts pertaining to their event.  Many people have an historical interest in an event or want to document and establish that they have a particular lineage.

Each organization has a date or activity in which an ancestor must have participated or been in residence at a given location (such as a colony or state).  Many Societies have established a national library for material about these events, and some encourage collections placed in regional libraries.  In addition, many have projects such as financial support of a needed contemporary service.  For a complete listing of Societies consult one of the lineage or hereditary directories available in a public library.

Application for membership must be endorsed by a local chapter and application in made through one ancestor, even though several ancestors might meet the qualifications.  After acceptance, "supplemental" lines using other ancestors can be filed.  As genealogy has become more popular and documents and records have become available to the public, the organizations have raised their documentation standards.  What was required for your grandparents to prove their lineage and be accepted into an organization may no longer be adequate, and additional information may be requested from you.

To assist in learning more about the societies that exist in New Mexico, a brief summary of information has been prepared.  Application costs and dues are included as a guide, but may change.  If no other city is listed, the chapter is located in Albuquerque.  If no individual is listed with the organization, contact one of the people from the list below.  They are current with the ever changing presidents and registrars of the various societies, and can put you in contact with the organization in which you are interested.

Code of abbreviations:

1. CONTINENTAL SOCIETY DAUGHTERS OF INDIAN WARS Descent from immigrant or Native American who participated in hostilities or had other association from 1607 to 1900. Yearly meeting. Ap=$35 Life=$100 N=$10 Ch=$5

2. DAUGHTERS OF FOUNDERS OF PATRIOTS OF AMERICA Descent through your maiden name (your father's line) or your mother's maiden name from an ancestor who was here by 1650 and helped found the country. Ap=$53 S= N=$8 Ch=

3. FIRST FAMILIES OF NEW MEXICO Through the New Mexico Genealogical Society. President: Ernie Jaskolski 505-828-2514; Descent from a New Mexico settler from one of these time periods: Onate - 1596-1680 Reconquest - 1692-1821 Territorial - 1846-1912 Mexican - 1821-1846 Native American Ap=$15 S=#10 No further dues or meetings. Nearly every state has a "First Family" society, with a residence requirement based on the early settlement of the state. Contact the State Historical Society of the State in which you are interested.

4. JAMESTOWN ASSOCIATION Must have been stockholders in the London Company, Virginia Company, owned land or had domiciles in Jamestown or Jamestown Island in the 1600s. No local meetings. Ap=$100 (Life Membership).

5. MAYFLOWER SOCIETY State Registrat: Justine Laquer, R#5, Box 445, Espanola, NM 87532-8906; (505)-753-3788; Descent from a member of the Mayflower Compact (first shipload of passengers) Two yearly luncheon meetings. Ap=$50 S=$20 N=$20

6. NATIONAL HUGUENOT SOCIETY Descent from French Protestants who emigrated to America after the Promulgation of the Edict of Toleration in 1787. Yearly meeting. Ap=$20 S= N=$10 St=$10

7. NS OF ANCIENT AND HONORABLE ARTILLERY Must have served in Massachusetts artillery company during 1637-1774 Ap=$36 S=$10 N=$6 Ch=$4

8. NS COLONIAL DAMES XVII CENTURY Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Silver City, Roswell. Four yearly meetings. Must have owned land in America before 1703. Ap=$37 S=$10 N=$14 St=$4 Ch=$6.40

9. NS DAMES OF THE COURT OF HONOR Must have served as an officer or Colonial Governor between 1607 and 1865. Three yearly meetings. Ap=$27 S= N=$3 Ch=$10

10. NS DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN COLONISTS Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Silver City, Roswell. Must have an ancestor who rendered civil or military service in any of the original 13 colonies prior to July 4, 1776. Four yearly meetings. Ap=$28 S=$5 N=$9 St=$5 Ch=$3

11. NS DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - 16 Chapters in: Albuquerque (3), Artesia, Almogordo, Aztec-Farmington, Carlsbad, Clovis-Portales, Hobbs, Las Cruces, Los Alamos, Roswell, Ruidoso, Santa Fe, Silver City, Tucumcari. Los Alamos Chapter-Valle Grande, Registrar: Marjory Lewis (505)672-9584. Must have assisted (but not necessarily have borne arms) in the struggle of the Colonists for independence from England. Nine monthly meetings. Ap=$25 S=$25 N=$25 St=$5 Ch=$10

12. NS DAUGHTERS OF COLONIAL WARS Must have served in the Colonial military or government between 1607 and 1775. Three yearly meetings. Ap=$35 S= N=$10 St=$5

13. NS MAGNA CHARTA DAMES AND BARONS Descent from one of the twenty-five signers of the Magna Charter in 1227. Yearly luncheon meeting. Ap=$200 (Life Membership) S= St=$5

14. NS NEW ENGLAND WOMEN Must have ancestor born in New England prior to 1789. Three yearly meetings. Ap=$25 S= N=$5 St=$5

15. NS UNITED STATES DAUGHTERS OF 1812 Currently no chapter in New Mexico, but several belong to chapters out of state. In the period 1784-1815 ancestor must have rendered civil, military, or naval service, or participated in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Ap=$25 S=$15 N=$18 St=$5 ch=ca$6

16. ORDER OF THE CROWN OF CHARLEMAGNE Descent from the Emporer Charlemagne. National yearly dinner meeting in Washington Ap=$250 (Life Membership) S= 

17. ORDER OF THE THREE CRUSADES - 1096, 1146, 1187 Ancestor who participateds in one of these crusades. National yearly luncheon in Washington. Ap=$100 (life Membership)

18. SONS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION - Albuquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe. State President: Harry Ussery, 1953 Plaza Azul, Santa Fe, NM 875404; (505)471-2221 Must have assisted in the struggle of the colonies for independance from England. Three/four meetings. Ap=$36 S=$10 N=$17 St=$10 Ch=$5 about

19. SOVEREIGN COLONIAL SOCIETY AMERICANS OF ROYAL DESCENT Descent from a royal house, medieval or modern. After acceptance into the Crown of Charlemagne, you are automatically invited to join this society. No local meetings. Ap=$100

20. UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY, Nora Mitchell McDowell Ch. Descent from, or an uncle who adhered to the cause of the Confederate States of America. Four yearly luncheon meetings. Ap=$20 S= N= St= Ch=$20

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